How to be respected in the workplace.

How to be respected in the workplace.

How to be respected in the workplace.

We all seek respect in our professional lives. Many people like to be respected at work, but we often make mistakes about how to earn that respect. Here are 11 ways to help you gain respect in your workplace:

1. Show confidence

Show your co-workers that you are eager to get the company to its goals, and ask them to show their enthusiasm. Do not let your job get you down and keep your personality. Your employers need to understand from your behavior that you work for them of your choice. Don’t let the fear of losing your job hinder your progress. Always have a backup plan for when you might lose your job. Always having options in front of you gives you the confidence, flexibility and ambition you need. Set yourself a degree of pragmatism and then set your goals accordingly.

2. Try to complete every task and mission assigned to you on time

By doing this, you show both your supervisors and subordinates that you are a responsible person and that you keep your promises; It also shows others that they can count on you, and that makes them trust you. If the time you are given for work is irrational and inadequate, find a way to politely and respectfully inform the person who has set the schedule.

3. Be humble

Acknowledge your flaws, but do not focus too much on them. There must be humility in you, but it must be accompanied by self-confidence. People do not respect a leader who is shaky and constantly flaunts their shortcomings. Show your humanity, but at the same time maintain your pride and self-confidence.

4. Be patient with others

Keep in mind that each employee has their own degree of learning and personality, and adapts themselves to new missions and tasks based on that. So, with every step they take in their work, encourage them. do. Being patient with others shows that you believe in the abilities of your co-workers and believe that they can develop their knowledge and skills. People have more respect for those who behave well and are not afraid to share their questions or problems with them.

5. Respect your co-workers, even if you have a problem with them

However, you do not always have a complete agreement with your co-workers, you should treat everyone you deal with during the work day with respect and professionalism. In the professional world, everything changes quickly. The person under you today may be your boss tomorrow, or your co-worker may join another company and be your future customer.

6. Do not stir up rumors and do not judge too soon

However, you may sometimes be tempted to listen to rumors or judge a person or movement and explain them to others. But it does make you look unreliable in the eyes of others to keep your information private. Gossiping will make others think that you enjoy describing the misfortunes of others, which is not a good way to gain respect.

7. Let others know

Talk to your employees about organizational change and the impact it can have on everyone. Encourage employees to ask questions and find out what is going on in the company; An easy way to do this is to publish an internal newsletter.

8. Everyone likes to be encouraged

This increases their confidence in their abilities and motivates them to work harder and learn new responsibilities and skills. If you need to criticize the performance of your employee and co-workers, accompany it with a compliment on what they do. If something goes wrong, never blame anyone for it. If you are talking about a group of employees, describe the problem and explain what steps need to be taken to prevent it from happening again in the future.

9. Share your knowledge with your colleagues

This shows that you believe in their ability to cope with new situations and trust them so much that you share this valuable knowledge with them. When looking for knowledge, you must first understand the value of group learning. Knowledge sharing helps build team ethics in your workplace and share your success with others. In this way, each of your employees will accompany their colleague in this direction and each person will play his role in the success of the company.

10. Be organized and on schedule

An active work environment shows that hard-working people have worked hard to achieve this order, but a chaotic workplace will show that you do not care about the image that the company leaves in people’s minds. Your dress is also a manifestation of the value and importance you attach to your professional image. Every day you go to work, dress as if you want to apply for a raise.

11. Always be professional, even at work parties

Lastly, if you are looking for respect in the workplace, do not go astray at corporate mass celebrations. Even if the ceremony is held outside the company and informally, still, when you participate in a ceremony related to your work, immoral behaviors and inappropriate professions will ruin the reputation of your profession. Your personal life is up to you, but you should not risk your credit by being too much at a party. Also, be careful if one of your co-workers behaves unreasonably at a business party, and do not embarrass him or her by reminding him or her in the days to come.

Researcher: Jalal Mohammadzadeh From A.O.I.T

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